Avellino’s Story

Avellino’s story originates in a small village in Italy, and continues here today in our small New England town. Adelegita Giovanello, known by everyone as Gita, brings her young grandson Rico into her kitchen and teaches him the basics of Italian cooking. One of Rico’s first memories, back when he was just tall enough to reach the stove, is listening to the hot sear of sautéing mushrooms, smelling their earthy aroma, and watching the steam rise from the pan. This seemingly ordinary, everyday experience with his grandmother sparked a lifelong passion for cooking.

Gita shared with Rico not only the gastronomic traditions of her culture, but also instilled in him a desire to experiment with new ingredients and techniques. The menu at Avellino espouses this philosophy of sharing creative cuisine bred from a rich tradition of culinary excellence. As an Italian village celebrates its individual cheese, or its tomatoes, or its prosciutto, we at Avellino also take pride in our surroundings, using local ingredients whenever possible and making as much as we can by hand.

An enduring passion for excellence is imbued in all of Rico’s endeavors—his inventive, seasonal menu planning, the care he takes in ensuring that his fresh pasta and sauces are perfectly paired, and his desire to share these pleasures with his guests, night after night.

From grandmother to grandson, neighbor to neighbor, family to friends, chef to guest—

Sit, eat, share, laugh, learn, experiment, enjoy.